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Home Spa Essential Duo with Bancoulier Oil Serum

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This is an intensive CUSTOM CARE pre-shampoo for thick, damaged or devitalized hair. For long and shoulder-length hair.

Key ingredients restore and repair hair focusing particulary on hair fibers where it is needed. 
Devise your own formula by adjusting the amount of Bancoulier oil rich serum and essential hair cream to suit the length and condition of your hair.

The unique formula of essential hair cream combined with Bancoulier oil rich serum acts as a powerful energizer and provides the vital elements needed for healthy, well protected hair: essential fatty-acids, vitamins, phytoceramids, and lactic-acid.

Tea oil extracted from the fruit of the tea tree, contains vitamins (B and C), and anti-free radicalar compounds that reinforce the anti-ageing protection essential to fragile hair. All other ingredients of plant origin have been chosen for their exceptional results and have been the object of numerous research studies which have proven their properties on damaged and devitalized hair.

User guide

  • - Mix 3 teaspoons of essential hair cream and 2 teaspoons of oil serum in the cupel provided.

  • - Apply the mask to dry or slightly damp hair.

  • - Massage into hair, working from root to tip and making sure hair is fully coated in the mask.

  • - Wrap hair in plastic film or aliminium foil and leave mask for at least 20-30 minutes.

  • - Rinse thoroughly, then shampoo with Bancoulier Oil Rich Shampoo.

Home Spa Essential Duo with Bancoulier Oil Serum

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