Hair Volume Tonic

3.40 fl. oz. -




---------- MY DIAGNOSIS ----------

Fine hair lacks structural substance: its cortex is thinner. The hair is flat and lacks density. After blow-drying, the volumising effect soon falls flat.



---------- MY PROFESSIONAL SOLUTION ----------

Chitin extract and coating agents strengthen the hair and envelop it in a protective film. It reduces static electricity and keeps the hairstyle in place. The hair is shiny and full of volume.



---------- MY EXPERT PROTOCOL ----------

Spray on after shampooing. Comb through and dry as usual. Do not rinse.
In case of contact with eyes, rinse.



---------- MY HAIRDRESSER ADVICE ----------

After applying the Hair volume tonic styling spray, we recommend drying your hair upside down to activate the root-lift effect.



---------- MY INGREDIENTS ----------

Chitin extract with coating properties.
Densifying styling polymers.



User guide

Use after washing, on damp hair. Spray evenly throughout the hair.

Comb through to spread the product. Do not rinse.

Style or dry as usual. For a curly effect, spray onto the hair and then dry by "scrunching" the hair with the hands.

Hair Volume Tonic

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