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Treatment Cream Shampoo with Collagen

6.80 fl. oz. -


This nourishing treatment cream shampoo is recommended for thick, brittle, dry, and very dry hair with plenty of volume. The hydrolyzed marine collagen in this cream consolidates the hair, restoring its elasticity and strengthening its protective sheath. Its highly nourishing formula acts like a bandage on dry, brittle ends and it rebalances and rehydrates the scalp.

User guide

Not for use on hair with volume problems.

Treatment Cream Shampoo with Collagen
Apply a small amount of the shampoo cream on damp hair. Spread the cream throughout the hair. Massage the hair and scalp. Rinse and repeat. At the second application, leave on for a few minutes, then rinse carefully and abundantly.
Avoid contact with eyes.
Sulfate and paraben free

Treatment Cream Shampoo with Collagen

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