Ultra-Regenerating Conditioner

5.07 fl. oz. -


This conditioner is recommended for mature, rough and brittle hair. It includes three main active ingredients: Keratin, Hyaluronic Acid and Collagen. The Keratin fortifies the hair shaft by replenishing the hair's natural protein in order to improve strength and elasticity. It revitalizes the hair natural protective layer. The Collagen brings coating and a prospective film to hair. Whereas the Hyaluronic Acid prevents hair lesions and strengthens the hair shaft with its powerful hydrating molecule. It also contains grape seed oil rich in flavanoids (P vitamins) a strong powerful antioxidant, linoleic acid a key fatty acid with regenerating, reparative, moisturizing and film-forming characteristics.

User guide

Apply after the Washing Cream treatment to damp hair.
Spread evenly through with a light massage action. Leave on for a few
Comb the hair then rinse thoroughly.
Avoid contact with the eyes
Paraben and silicone free.

Ultra-Regenerating Conditioner