Intensive Sebum Treatment

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Alternate with Stymulactine 21 treatment to fight hair loss. It restores the balance of your scalp, leaving it healthier.

Oily hair and dandruff are two indications of a significant scalp imbalance, which often results in hair loss.

This intensive treatment contains micro-reserves full of protein, sulphur and carbohydrate ingredients which act on :

  • - the sebaceous glands by regulating the quality and quantity of sebum secreted.
  • - the scalp by deep-cleansing and purifying it with anti-bacterial and anti-dandruff agents wich impede the growth of cutaneous germs.
  • - at the roots, by strengthening them (favoring the growth of healthy hair).


User guide

For an intensive treatment, apply every other day for 3 months, otherwise apply twice weekly, dispensing 20-30 sprays onto the scalp each time.

Massage gently with the fingertips to spread the product evenly.
Do not rinse

Intensive Sebum Treatment

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