j. f. lazartigue, pioneering hairdresser


The story of JF LAZARTIGUE began in December 1963, when, driven by a completely new vision, he created his first hairdressing salon in Paris at 142 rue de Courcelles. He had noticed how much damage was being caused to hair by straightening and oxidising products, so he decided to go against the grain, inventing a revolutionary and harmless approach to hairstyling.


At a time when formulations were focusing on technology containing active ingredients derived from chemistry, he was developing a gentle straightening technique using a paste composed of unique natural plant active ingredients without lye that straightens the hair without causing breakages, leaving it soft and natural. Women rushed to put their hair in his expert hands, and in just a few months, his salon had become the ultimate place to be for hairstyling.


In 1972, the salon changed again, and became the Paris hair straightening centre (Centre de Défrisage Parisien) with massive coverage in women’s magazines. Its fame spread beyond the French capital, with women from around the world coming to benefit from Lazartigue’s unique expertise.




j. f. lazartigue,  a visionary hairdresser



He then decided to bring his expertise to women at home by creating his own collection of products to care for and protect their hair with the greatest respect. In 1976, the first line of JF LAZARTIGUE hair care products was launched.
In developing his products, he carefully selects exceptional raw materials with outstanding effectiveness. Natural-origin active ingredients were tested several times over in his laboratory before they were formluated into incredibly soft, sensory textures that respect the hair






j. f. lazartigue, an internationally renowned hair stylist


His products enjoyed instant success. JF LAZARTIGUE’s know-how was shared throughout France and internationally. Spurred on by his success, he opened several hairdressing and colouring salons, as well as hair consulting examination centres (Centre d’Examen Conseil du Cheveu). These centres were the first to offer their clients a personalised diagnosis, with an in-depth examination of the hair and roots using a microscope. Each client was given a personal file, a kind of hair health logbook that was used to tailor a hair-care protocol, and to ensure that the hair stayed healthy.
Hair salons all over the world now use the brand’s expert products, bringing the name and image of JF LAZARTIGUE international recognition. Almost fifty distributors in around sixty countries now sell JF LAZARTIGUE products.




j. f. lazartigue today


For nearly 40 years, JF LAZARTIGUE has brought the hair care expert’s visionary outlook and exceptional expertise throughout the hairdressing world, sharing it with women all over the globe. We are now continuing Mr. Lazartigue’s mission with even more natural products that are incredibly respectful and effective.
As the genuine forerunner in natural hair care, its effective methods and products have always been design to cohabit with nature, and not to cause any harm. The brand has always held up protecting the environment as being just as important as protecting the hair. We base the entire brand ethos on this tremendously modern vision.





a natural brand, made in France




Still today, we are driven by our determination to base our formulas on nature. Our goal is to have 95% natural-origin formulas by 2020. We use a preservative system based on the Ecocert list.  
While our respect for nature occasionally takes slight precedence over the effectiveness of our products, each one guarantees that the fibre is visibly transformed, right from the first application.  Our shampoos contain less water to improve active ingredient concentration.
Because we prioritise and guarantee the effectiveness of our products: formulas are tested over at least 300 applications.   
We are committed to avoiding active ingredient “nasties” for the hair and scalp. Our products are guaranteed: 



Formulated without sulphates*, our shampoos contain a trio of non-aggressive surfactants derived from coconut. Silicones are replaced by a combination of high penetration oils with a light surface for gentle and respectful cleansing.












an ultra respectful vegan brand


We take our natural approach even further by ensuring that our products follow a vegan certification process from the British Vegan Society.   
Currently, 90% of our formulas do not contain animal material or animal-produced material*. 100% of our formulas are cruelty-free**.     




a premium brand with unique sensorality


In addition to efficiency, we take the sensory appeal of our formulas to the extreme. Our foam is rich, abundant, and extraordinarily creamy. Our masks are smooth, soft, and instantly transforming. Our scalp care products are soothing, purifying and instantly refreshing.



Each of our fragrances is developed by talented perfumers, mostly in Grasse, who work for Parisian couture brands.




an expert hair and colour brand



JF LAZARTIGUE has built its reputation on hair diagnosis and revolutionary methods of hair and scalp analysis. It has developed a high-precision microscope device which is used to prescribe intensive and customised treatments for each client, and ensure expert monitoring of the hair’s condition. 








* Except: Stymulactine 21 Serum / Stymulactin 21 Shampoo / Colouring Emulsions / Neutralizing Bath ** Except: Stymulactine 21 Serum / Hair Volume Tonic Styling Spray

* Non vegan: Hair Volume Tonic Styling Spray / Stymulactine 21 Shampoo / Stymulactine 21 Serum / Revitalizing Hair Nutrients / Pre-Shampoo Propolis Jelly Treatment / Propolis Shampoo
** not tested on animals